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ENCASOL™ Loose Spill Sorbent

Encasol loose spill Is the new safe and environmentally friendly solution for emergency spill containment; its distinctive properties include a lightweight, non-toxic, odorless, non-harmful, non-flammable and non-carcinogenic material that exceeds OSHA’s recently released Final Rule for Respirable Crystalline Silica.

Emergency spill control and remediation solidifier from HCG Corporation; a control and remediation sorbent product made from inert, inorganic, non-biodegradable, proprietary blends of mineral ore compounds, engineered to absorb up to 20 times more than clay based products.    


Can be used fast, efficiently and safely, without detergents, safe to use anywhere, in the kitchen, garage, schools, hospitals, airports, included with first aid kits, passenger and freight transport, restaurants, shopping outlets, theaters, recreational boats, practically anywhere.

Will get that accidental spill off the floor, into a bag and disposed of into any rubbish bin fast. No fuss no mess.

Dry clean up method, no drying time, no slips or falls.

Contains little or no crystalline silica and is not classified as a carcinogen.

Employs solidification, a technique that encapsulates the waste, forming a non-biodegradable solid material that is insoluble in water, resistant to leaching and will not release solidified liquids under pressure.

A single 10 lb. bag of ENCASOL™ will remediate the equivalent of up to six 50 lb. bags (300 pounds) of clay based granular absorbent products.

The most cost efficient spill remediation product in the market.

Offers the best ROI for spill remediation, in its class.

Is 6 x less volume required = huge savings on transport, storage and disposal (approx. 80% reduction in disposal cost).

It cleans floors and carpets, deodorizing as it absorbs.

Cleans hard surfaces including removal of oil sheen

A spill recovery sorbent that does not disappoint!

Sustainability Advanctages

ENCASOL™ loose sorbents are unlike clay or white talcum based granular absorbent products as it contains little or no crystalline silica and is not classified as a carcinogen.

ENCASOL™ employs solidification, a technique that encapsulates the waste, (oils, fuels, coolants / antifreezes, paints, bodily fluids and most chemicals), forming a non-biodegradable solid material that is insoluble in water, resistant to leaching and will not release solidified liquids under pressure. In most cases, the USEPA classifies the solidified waste as landfill safe or useful for energy recovery by incineration.

ENCASOL™ a single 10 lb. bag of ENCASOL™ will remediate the equivalent of up to six 50 lb. bags (300 pounds) of clay or white talcum based granular absorbent products.

Economic Benefits

ENCASOL™ – is the most cost efficient spill remediation product in the market.

ENCASOL™ – offers the best ROI in its class.

ENCASOL™ – is safe to use and will not cause cancer.

ENCASOL™ – 6 x less volume required = huge savings on transport, storage and disposal cost.

ENCASOL™ – is a light weight product greatly reducing your disposal fees for hazardous materials by up to 80% when compared to clay based absorbents.


With the EPA and OSHA regulations tightening and corresponding penalties for non-compliance increasing, the way we approach spill remediation has advanced.

New products and technologies have developed that make compliance not such a burden on industry and also provide improved safety, better clean up economics and work efficiency / productivity.

No longer is it necessary (or permitted) to use strong degreasers and rags or a mop and bucket with detergents to clean up a small spill. That concept has been replaced with more efficient absorbents that are less cumbersome to use, provide a highly effective dry solution, while mitigating the risk of slips and falls to employees or customers.

For example  – Encasol Loose Sorbent is so effective at absorbing hazardous liquids including oils, greases, paints, pesticides and other chemical including acids (except hydrofluoric acid) there is no necessity for secondary cleaning of the floor surface once the sorbent material has been swept up.


Emergency spill response is an important part of a company’s safety and health program. In the event of a spill, well-prepared companies are ready with a plan of action and the appropriate cleanup supplies.

A typical generic action plan for spill response might look like this:

Evacuate personnel from the immediate area of the spill.

Identify the spilled material(s).

Notify your supervisor and or the spill response team or other dedicated personal trained to carry out the task.

Barricade the spill area and notify others in surrounding areas.

Extinguish or disconnect all sources of ignition and contact the fire department if the chemical is flammable.

Don the appropriate personal protective equipment.

Contain the spill.

Clean up the spill.

Dispose of the spill in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.


Safe Operation

When you have completed the above EMERGENCY SPILL RESPONSE PROCEDURE (ESPR) to step 6.

The following steps of the SOP apply;

Apply ENCASOL™ either with a scoop or pour directly from bag, around the perimeter of the spill to prevent it from spreading. Then apply enough product to cover the surface area off the spill.

As ENCASOL™ is friction activated, using a stiff bristled broom, brush the sorbent around the perimeter with small but firm strokes, working it towards the center of the spill. Continue to sweep vigorously the area until the surface is left clean and dry without any trace of the spill evident.

In the case of a paint spill, which is a much more viscous liquid than most hydrocarbons, the application procedure is the same. However once you have swept up the residue, if there is still some remaining evidence of the paint, liberally apply some paint thinners to where paint stain remains. With the broom, work the thinners over the affected area then re apply a small amount of ENCASOL™ over the thinners again sweeping the residue up to complete the task.


In light of the fact that in 2014 the US transport association reported that 600,000 spills were registered with the US EPA with an average fine of $15,000 (revenue of $90,000,000,000), it is imperative that the transport operators and drivers are always prepared for any spill event.

Carrying on board trucks specialized spill kits is a key factor essential for containing the spill preventing run off that can come in contact with the environment via drainage to soils or waterways creating huge costs for clean up and recovery work. For the cost of a compact spill kit, it is cheap insurance to have one onboard in case of a ruptured fuel tank, lube line. …Or worse – to have a damaged container on board leaking hazardous liquid.


Another important area where ENCASOL™ excels is in the family garage or shop where fuel, oils, greases, brake fluids, paints, toxic garden and pool chemicals, and is commonly stored. When a spill or leak occurs just apply ENCASOL™ around the perimeter of the spill to prevent it from spreading. Then apply enough product to cover the surface area of the spill.

Similarly for mechanical repair businesses, significantly larger quantities of hazardous oils, greases, degreasers, paints and acids are used. Anywhere these hydrocarbons are stored or used, it is essential to have absorbent products on hand to quickly and efficiently deal with a spill.

However commercial outlets are subject to inspections by the EPA and OSHA authorities to ensure the owner is in compliance with federal and state regulations.

These regulations are very important and enforced with heavy penalties if not followed. See section on Regulations


ENCASOL™ introduces a dry method approach to clean up spills in restaurants; especially in kitchens where spilled or splashed cooking oils and greases are a common occurrence. Also ENCASOL™l is a fast and efficient way to remove spilled food and drinks without the necessity to use water and mops. Lightly apply cover of the product on a spill in carpet overnight and the contents of the spill, including the stain will continue to absorb. Encasol also provides another benefit of its deodorizing properties that will absorb traces of odor of the spill.

Remember it is illegal to dispose to sewer, cleaning water, containing contaminants such as oil or greases.


For effective spill management within retail stores, ENCASOL™ will assist to and quickly and effectively eliminate a slip and fall hazard situation. With ENCASOL™ it is no longer necessary to rely on the mop and bucket method, which creates a further delay for surface drying to the affected area. Also floor is left clean without problems of broken glass, stickiness or odors.


For around the house ENCASOL™ is the ideal solution in the kitchen to deal with those unexpected, difficult spills like soda drinks, beer, wine, fruit juice, syrup that can leave the floor sticky afterwards. ENCASOL™ lifts them right off leaving no residue behind that requires further cleaning. The used product can be disposed of straight to the trashcan, as it is perfectly safe for non-hazardous landfill disposal.

Also for food or drink spills on carpet, just immediately apply ENCASOL™ to the affected area, working the powder into the pile with a stiff brush. When finished, just use the vacuum cleaner to remove the residue. An excellent absorbent for cleaning up unpleasant tasks involving pet’s vomit, urine or fecal matter.

BIO HAZARDS- (Blood Bourne Pathogens)

Bio Hazards-13ENCASOL™ Bio Fluid Sorbents are used to clean and remediate bodily fluids such as blood, urine, vomit etc. When using these sorbents it is highly recommended to wear the proper PPE to reduce the risk of transmission of any infection.

In an emergency cleanup situation, ENCASOL™ immediately absorbs and deodorizes vomit, feces, blood and other substances.

When sprinkling the sorbent, work from the outer edge to the center of the spill.

Bio sorb pads can also prove useful. Simply put the pad over the spill for quick absorption. To complete the clean up apply the loose sorbent and sweep up the residue and dispose into the biohazard plastic container provided in the kit.

29 CFR 1910.1030 – Employers must help prevent, “occupational exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials” under OSHA’s Blood borne Pathogen Standard.

29 CFR 1910.151(b) – Adequate first aid supplies must be readily available at facilities not located in close proximity to an infirmary, clinic or hospital.


Having ENCASOL™ kept with the first response kit, makes perfect sense for any emergency clean up requirements for bodily fluids and eliminate the immediate exposure to health risks. Ideal for use spill clean ups in hospitals, public transport, public buildings and in the workplace.

Taxis and other types of passenger vehicles are susceptible to these types of sudden illness events by passengers. With Encasol the vehicle can be cleaned quickly and efficiently without returning to base or added delay for drying time and odor control, greatly reducing loss of revenue while taxi is out of service.

Following the initial clean up with ENCASOL™ wipe over the area with a standard disinfectant swipe to ensure the area is free from pathogens.


As well as an excellent absorbent for cleaning up pet’s urine and feces ENCASOL™ is also a powerful odor absorbent that leaves the area odor free after the clean up. Now pet’s mess on carpets is not a problem with ENCASOL™l, as it cleans floors and carpets, deodorizing as it absorbs.